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You might have seen many establishments or homes that have brick paver patios or outdoor walkways. This is because of its elegant and rustic style that seems to be classic. Regardless of the design of your house, the brick pavers will surely be matched to look beautiful.

For those that currently have brick pavers, you will realize that in time, it is very prone to wear and tear. The old brick paver patios use materials that were more durable. But since they are more expensive, brick paver patios nowadays just use concrete. To get the original color of the bricks, these concrete blocks are just painted over.

Although cheaper, the concrete mix is not as durable as the original material, making it easier to corrode. Given these precautions, it is imperative to have proper maintenance for your brick pavers.

Fortunately, we offer high quality paver sealing services in the Jacksonville, Florida area. The trust and dependability we have earned in this industry is rivaled by none.

Paver Installation

The beginning is crucial because it sets how the brick paver is used. It is important to begin the process correctly because a bad start may cause problems. We have all the proper tools to exceed your quality expectations. Our highly-skilled contractors perform an excellent job following all safety precautions.

Paver Sealing

The paver is sealed mainly to protect the brick pavers so they will be more durable. Brick pavers are exposed to a lot of things – drastic changes in temperature, blows, as well as exposure to harsh UV rays. It is important that there’s an added layer to shield it from harmful factors that could cause its early degradation. It also solidifies the brick paver as concrete can crumble when exposed to several factors for too long.

Aside from the protection it gives the brick paver, sealing can also add to the aesthetics of the brick paver, perhaps giving it a glossy look.

Paver Restoration

There are several ways to restore brick pavers:

  • Cleaning – this process basically removes the dirt that has stayed in your brick pavers for a long time, perhaps giving it a really bad and unhygienic look. Our services can get the stains off of your brick pavers including motor stains, grease, oil, moss, and mold.
  • Sanding – Sanding is important because it helps in avoiding erosion that is caused by water and other destructive fluids.
  • Sealing – for maintenance and restoration, sealing is still important to repair the layer that was added when the brick paver was first installed.

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